If you are having an question or issue with the setup, configuration or use of Motion, the following resources are available to assist.

It is important to use these resources instead of the github issues for non-code issues since it engages a much wider audience who may have experience resolving the particular issue you are trying to resolve.

If you have found a bug, please make sure that you are using the latest release version from the Motion releases page. This version is typically more recent than what will be installed via package managers such as apt-get.

If the version reported in the github issue is not the most recent, it is probable that the issue will be closed with only a reference to this document. Please upgrade the version installed and recreate the problem.

The issues on the github site are to discuss code problems, crashes and application enhancements only. General "how to" questions opened as issues on the github may also get closed with only a reference to this page. As indicated above, it is best that these questions be sent to the mailing list or IRC channel.